Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mom's Recipe Book: Play Dough

It's been a long time since I've done an entry in the Mom's Recipe Book series!

This isn't from the book of recipes my mom gave me for my wedding, though. This time, it's from an older book--a collection of recipes put out by my mom's side of the family to celebrate her grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary in 1983.


The book is chock-full of tried and true recipes, with chapters for everything from "Appetizers and Beverages" to "Cookies and Candy." But my favorite chapter is the last one: "Miscellaneous." It has recipes like this one...

Photobucket "recipes" from kids including a very young C. Beth.

Subtitle: Disgusting Bread in Five Minutes a Day

I like to dig out this cookbook to make something that brings me back to childhood, with its smell, warmth, and texture--play dough! Here's my mom's recipe:


Yesterday my friend Ann and her kids were here to play, so Chickie, Zoodle, and their friend Coqui all helped me mix the ingredients. I stirred them on the stove to make the smooth dough.

I like to wait to put in food coloring until the play dough is cooked, so that we can break it apart and make multiple colors. I used concentrated icing color, which is so vibrant. I started to mix it in; then I let the kids finish the kneading (with a little help!)


Enjoy making your own play dough! (But please...stay away from my bread recipe.)


Bobbi said...

I love old family recipe books. I have one from my dad's hometown. In the back, it has suggestions on quantities needed to feed 100 people. In a farming community, where people regularly had 10 kids, I guess its not uncommon to feed 100. :)

Also, when I was Chickie's age, my mom was getting her degree for early childhood education. She came home with this recipe for "edible" playdough. I remember feeling so grown-up making it. I got to "cook", play, and then eat afterwards.

Bobbi said...

I should also add, the recipe my mom had was similar to the peanut butter and powdered sugar one, not the dry milk one.

- 1 cup peanut butter
- 1/2 cup honey
- 2 cups powdered sugar

Cathy said...

Pretty ironic that at age 5, you were already interested in making bread! Maybe you ought to submit this recipe to the people at Artisan Bread! They'd get a laugh out of it! -Mom

Melody said...

We love making play dough and use the same recipe as your mom's. We also like to add flavoring extract- mint for green, cherry for red, etc. It makes it smell so good!

Toni said...

Neat! We may have to try this!

I giggled so much at your bread recipe! Exaclty what kind of "powder" goes in there? Baby powder? Gun powder? Baking powder? Flea powder? I'm really curious!

Dreamboxes said...

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