Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The failure of Dr. Google

Last month when we went to visit The Engineer's parents, Strange Mamma (who blogs at Strangers in a normal land) wrote a very sweet guest post about her super-adorable son. Today I returned the favor.

So today instead of writing a post here, I'm sending you there.... Be sure to check out my guest post, The Failure of Dr. Google!

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LEstes65 said...

Cute and so true. Just found out today that my self-diagnosed eczema is NOT eczema and is something treatable with antibiotics. And as much as I stay away from antibiotics, it's what will heal me. So I just got $100 worth of meds (antibiotics & 2 creams) and should have clear, non-itchy skin within a couple of weeks. And since I know how to eat and supplement while on antibiotics, it should be an easy stint. But I had the same issue. Dr. Google helped a little. But only because some of my symptoms were similar to eczema and therefore the tips on Google helped. But Dr. Miller - the dermatologist - SHE'S the one that got the right diagnosis.

Live and learn, eh?