Friday, April 29, 2011

I didn't get a new phone (but I got something else)

I have a cheesy little phone. It's a cheap Nokia that I bought when my better phone died. I've never had a really great phone, and I have been so excited to upgrade to an Android phone. Apps! Twitter! Email! I've literally been counting down the days to April 29, the day a customer service rep from my phone carrier told me I'd be eligible to upgrade.

I'd even found the exact phone I wanted, and it's offered for a significant discount at Costco. So this morning I called my carrier just to make sure everything would go smoothly for the upgrade.

And I was told I'm actually not eligible for upgrade until May 15.

Sixteen more days...not a big deal, right? Wrong. I've been so excited--I almost felt like someone had told me on December 25 that Christmas was being postponed.

I had a phone conversation with a customer service rep, getting more and more frustrated as we talked. I then talked to a manager, who told me if I went to Costco they might be able to manually upgrade me early--but it was iffy. So the kids and I headed that direction.

By that time, my mood was awful. I hadn't been as polite as I usually am on the phone; I'd gotten so frustrated that my blood pressure had probably doubled; and I wasn't even sure if I'd be able to enjoy the new phone if I was able to get it.

And then a conversation I had with The Engineer just a few days ago came back to me.

"I understand why you're frustrated," I told him when the new bike he purchased was having issues, "but it doesn't seem like it's worth it to let it ruin your day!"

And there I was, letting my day be ruined by stress over a cell phone.

So, I calmed down. Let me rephrase that. I chose to calm down. As I spoke to the guys at Costco, and then called customer service a couple more times, I was calm. I had a good time with the kids. And when it became clear that Costco is definitely the best place to get my phone (and that there just isn't any good way to do that early), I was okay.

I didn't get a new phone. But I did get a new attitude. And it's really nice to be reminded that in a world where most things are out of my control, my reactions are one thing I can control.

Even with a crummy's still a good day.

P.S. By the way, I'm not going to continue trying to change the situation. What I'm up against are computer programs that are more powerful than human customer service...and that's just not a battle I want to fight, when I can just relax for 16 more days instead.


Melinda said...

I'm glad that you found a good way to deal with the situation even if the outcome was not what you wanted. It won't be long and you will be playing Angry Birds, and Alchemy (which is my favorite game) on your new phone.

Call Me Cate said...

So often it IS about choosing our attitude. It's a little more effort sometimes, but most often worthwhile.

I totally understand the disappointment though. As you know, I was due for my new phone but, surprise, Joe was eligible for an early upgrade. Since my phone works and his was essentially dead, I stepped aside so he could upgrade instead. Now, he's in love with his new phone, which should've been mine. But mine will come. Just not quite yet.

Kaylen said...

The magic upgrade date!!! It's not that far away - you can do it!!!
And once you get your new phone, you will never ever remember these two weeks you have to wait. You're going to LOVE it.
I have an Android (samsung Galaxy) and can't imagine any phone would ever be more wonderful for me. I LOVE my phone!!!

Just two weeks to can do it!!

Sandra said...

Beth -- Let me tell you what has happened to me with my Droid and maybe it will make you a little more prepared when you are buying yours.

I said I wanted a smart phone from the time I walked in the door at the Verizon store. So the saleswoman showed me a Droid and, the way I remember it, of-handedly said that of course I'd need to pay for it to be hooked to the internet, and that was a dollar a day. It all happened very fast and I walked out the door thrilled with the phone. But now, I realize that all the apps aren't as exciting as I thought and told my nail tech that I was going to call and tell them that I didn't want my smart phone hooked up to the internet, I would just use it as a phone. She says that she tried to do that and she couldn't. Once you sign up for the internet connection, it is a part of the contract too, so you are committed to paying that for the whole two years of the contract.

Just wanted you to have that tidbit of info tucked in the back of your mind when you make the purchase, so that you will go in to make the purchase as prepared as possible.

Good Luck!