Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let's hope this week is a little more boring

What a week!

Last Wednesday morning I experienced some weird vision symptoms (flashing lights in my peripheral vision and a blind spot.) The Engineer came home to take me to the ophthalmologist, who thankfully assured me that my retinas were just fine. (I knew that flashing lights could be a symptom of retinal detachment, and neither emergency eye surgery nor blindness were on my to-do list.) He gave me a few possibilities of what could have caused the symptoms, and based on the fact that I had the same issue a few days later, I'm pretty sure it was an ocular migraine (no headache involved, just that odd vision for a short time.)

Turns out, according to Dr. Google, ocular migraines aren't dangerous or harmful (except that whole FREAKING OUT BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU MIGHT BE GOING BLIND thing.) I'm hoping they aren't a regular occurrence though.

I was fine afterward, but then it was Zoodle's turn to be less-than-healthy. He got a fever that afternoon, and had it for the next couple of days. And it wasn't one of those "Wow, I'd never know this cheerful kid was sick!" fevers; it was one of those "Oops, the WHINY MONSTER has returned; his temp must be up again" fevers.

By Saturday, Zoodle was fine, but I was starting to feel pretty run down. In the afternoon (after being outside for a long time running) my allergies attacked in full force, and the body aches and exhaustion I was feeling convinced me I'd caught some sort of bug.

I survived on Dayquil & Nyquil, but by Monday I was feeling well and truly rotten. I went to the doctor, and found out it was probably just bad allergies and a virus. "You probably got whatever your son had," she told me. I didn't ever have the fever, but I did have the miserable, whiny attitude (just ask anyone who follows me on Twitter!), so I think the doctor was probably right. It's so nice when our kids share, isn't it?!

Thankfully, I woke up today feeling like a new person...not perfect, but pretty great compared to the past few days. I celebrated by going to Costco, doing laundry, and being grateful to have the energy to get back to such an exciting life.

So here's hoping this week is more boring than last week was, and that the virus (which I'll name grumpymoodius whineius) leaves The Engineer and Chickie alone!

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