Friday, November 12, 2010

Pac-Man and iron-on

When we visited The Engineer's parents a few months ago, his mom pulled out a shirt that my husband must have worn when he was a pre-teen. The front had his name ironed on, and the back expressed his affection for a particular video game.


I was enchanted by this well-worn t-shirt! It just screams "1980s"...from the Pac-Man reference, to the iron-on letters (which are, of course, fuzzy!), to the fitted style of the shirt, to the spelling of "LUV." Check out the ultra-soft texture of our favorite yellow video game character:


I love it (or should I say "luv" it?) so much that I've adopted it as one of my sleep shirts.

It's totally awesome. (To the max.)


Melinda said...

I luv it too!

Angela said...

I had a shirt very similar to that. Nothing beats the iron on fuzzy letters. Except maybe Pac Man and my first Atari. Ah, the memories.

Call Me Cate said...

Awesome shirt. I love the color. For awhile, I wore Joe's high school football jersey for a sleep shirt. It's comforting to sleep in something from the men.