Thursday, May 22, 2008

My girl

It's been kindly pointed out to me that there aren't a whole lot of pictures of Chickie on this blog--at least not ones where her face is visible. Oops! Well, Zoodle seems a lot better today and I'm sick of blogging about illness time for some shameless showing off of my girl. Some of these have Zoodle in them too, but Chickie is the star of the show today. I'll even share a video at the end.

This one's from this morning--and I even got her to smile for the camera, a big achievement these days! (She loves to smile, but she's usually in too much of a hurry to pose for pics.)


Watching TV with Sampa (my dad) when they visited after Zoodle was born:


The day Zoodle was born--Chickie with her baby doll sling, and me with Zoodle in his matching sling:


Holding Zoodle (who I think was a day old here):


Chickie, Sampa, & Zoodle:


Chickie is into "lining up" toys (and other items) these days. We particularly liked this creation, which utilized symmetry and shoes:


Chickie, Grammy (my mom), and Zoodle:


Chickie brushing her teeth:


Chickie & Zoodle with Grandma, & Grandpa (The Engineer's parents who visited a couple of weeks ago):


And a video. This is short and totally hilarious:


Rebecca Duncan said...

LOVE the video! she looks like your sister! have you been told that at all??? she is precious... enjoy reading your blog, we miss you guys? any plans to come to OK any time soon? I am selfish, aren't I????

Kristi said...

she looks like your sister! have you been told that at all???

That cracked me up!! :)

Yay!! Ana pics! How adorable is she?! I love the video! He giddy laughter over being dizzy is hysterical! SO CUTE!

Special K said...

that is hilarious!!! LOVE it!

LEstes65 said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! That is me passing out from the overdose of cute. Man I hope my boys are smart enough to court her when they're old enough!!!!

jekikabanana said...

That video was so cute! This is so fun being able to get to know her over the blog since I am so far away in Colorado. What a cutie! -Claire