Monday, December 13, 2010

'Tis the season...for snowmen and gingerbread

There really is something magical about the combination of butter, marshmallows and crispy rice cereal. The other day I was in a cooking/crafting mood, and so each member of our family got their own snowman.


We all four thoroughly enjoyed them! Zoodle's developing quite a little sense of humor, and really put on a show while eating his. "This snowman doesn't have any eyes!" he exclaimed when he'd eaten the chocolate chips. "This snowman doesn't have any nose!"


He really got giggly when he said, "This snowman doesn't have a head!"

How do you get an almost-five-year-old to eat her dinner? Snowman bribery!


I'd also picked up some gingerbread-flavored marshmallows. (In fact, they're shaped like little gingerbread men--so cute!) They're made by Kraft. I used them to make another batch of treats, but when I tried them, they just weren't quite right. Nothing some chocolate chips and a microwave couldn't fix.


This gingerbread chocolate version has a richer, more adult flavor...or at least that's what you can tell yourself to justify not sharing with the kids!

Hope you are enjoying a sweet holiday!

This isn't a sponsored post, but if you're hungry, the Original Rice Krispies Treats recipe can be found here!


Melody said...

Great ideas! I'm going to try them both. :) Thanks for giving such good creative ideas that I can steal!!!

beckiwithani said...

So cute! What did you use for the hats and mouths on the snowmen?