Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Silver lining

It's been a rough week. Last Wednesday Zoodle got sick; then Chickie got sick; then I got sick. And it's been a doozie of a virus (plus ear infections for both kids!) Zoodle is fine now. Chickie is still recovering but doing much better. I thought I was okay yesterday and woke up sick again today.

Then yesterday we found out we need an expensive repair to our home air conditioner.

I'll be honest, I've been pretty whiny lately. (Sorry, Twitter friends!) So in an effort to change my attitude, here are the silver linings to the clouds in our home right now:
  • The part we need for the A/C is under warranty, so we are only paying for labor. If we'd had to pay for the part, our cost would have doubled.
  • We have the luxury of having an air conditioner (when most people who live in the world's warmer climates don't.) And we have the ability to pay to keep it running.
  • I've gotten extra cuddle time with the kids while we've been sick.
  • A lot of my illness was over the long weekend, so The Engineer was able to take care of the kids...and if I need him to, he can still take some time off.
  • Ibuprofen rocks--after taking it today, I'm feeling much better and probably won't have to ask The Engineer to come home early.
  • Our illness hasn't involved any upset tummies. Thank goodness!
  • The Engineer has stayed healthy. (Praying that continues!)
  • After a very busy week last week, being under the weather has given me a very good reason to rest.
Being sick is hard when you're a mom. And unexpected, expensive home repairs are never welcome. But life is still so good, and I'm going to make an effort to be thankful even when things aren't going exactly how I want them to.


Melinda said...

Awesome attitude to have! There is almost always a bright side.

InspiredDreamer said...

What a great way to look at it. I bet it calmed you down just to write all of those positive things. Hooray for you! I hope you're feeing better!

Have an Extraordinary Day!

Sandra said...

A sure cure for the blues. Everyone has things they can be thankful for. We just have to remind ourselves sometimes. :)

forever folding laundry said...

I feel your pain. We're in the throes of sickness here, too. I hope you're better soon.

And cheers to silver linings!


Call Me Cate said...

Lovely attitude. Most of that isn't a lot of fun, but it COULD be worse, as they say.